Medical and Pharmaceutical Narration

A credible and professional voice is a must

Are you in the market for a medical or pharmaceutical voice-over narration professional? Roxanne Jean offers stellar French-Canadian medical and pharmaceutical voice-overs that are reliable, precise and eloquent.

When it comes to technical material, you need a voice-over professional who’s done her homework. Depending on the target audience, a distinctive tone and style will be used for each field.

“A skilled narrator knows how to customize her approach to effectively convey technical material to health professionals, patients or students.”
– Roxanne Jean

Research is the key to success!

Doing research is the key to successfully meeting the challenges of medical narration. When it comes to explaining lifesaving procedures, cutting-edge technology or innovative science, it’s vital first to understand and, then, master the pronunciation of terminology specific to a given field. Medical jargon should never get in the way of the message. Once the medical terminology becomes like a fluent second language, the story will come across powerfully.

Medical voice-overs geared to doctors and healthcare professionals include:

  • Learning videos regarding ailments and diseases

  • Medical and pharmaceutical product demos

  • Conference exhibits and meetings

  • Pharmaceutical promotional and instructional material

  • Scientific, medical and pharmaceutical webinars

  • Medical conferences and pharmaceutical launch events

“Even if I’m talking to patients who don’t know the proper medical terms, they have to believe I’m an expert. They need to feel secure, that they are in good hands and that everything will be ok. In short, they want to sense that someone understands their disease and has a solution to offer.”
– Roxanne Jean

Medical voice-overs geared to patients include:

  • Consumer hotlines
  • Instructions on how to use medical devices

Medical voice-overs geared to students include:

  • Continuing medical education course
  • Biological process exploration
  • Learning about patients’ and caregivers’ perspectives for research and training purposes

Looking for someone who can pronounce “1,2-dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine” and “lysophosphatidylcholine acyltransférase” without batting an eyelash? Look no further. Roxanne is the seasoned medical narrator for the job!

“Most of us in the voice-over industry agree. Medical narration is a beautiful beast! ;-)”
– Roxanne Jean

Some of Roxanne’s medical voice-over clients include Merck, Roche, Johnson & Johnson, Bayer, McKesson Canada, Astra Zeneca, Genentech, Medtronic, Mylan, Smiths Medical, Gespra, RPS, Teva, Dermtek and Medisys.

Need To Drive Your Message To A French-Speaking Audience?

If you need stellar voice-over talent to promote your business and brand to French-speaking audiences, rely on Roxanne’s reputation and expertise to convey the right message and enhance your brand’s signature sound.