eLearning Narration

Securing specialized talent with experience in eLearning industry narration makes all the difference!

Based in the province of Québec, Roxanne Jean offers stellar French-Canadian voice-over services to the eLearning industry. Whether you need voice-over services for corporate, medical or multimedia training videos and tutorials, Roxanne maintains the highest standards of excellence. She is a skilled and experienced eLearning voice-over talent who’ll:

  • Keep students engaged and entertain them from start to finish.

  • Accurately interpret your eLearning course lessons.

  • Speak with a clear and engaging voice students can depend on.

  • Use a naturel, conversational style that is warm and friendly.

  • Present material that students and learners will be most apt to retain it.

  • Deliver professional broadcast-quality voice-overs reliably and on time.

eLearning: A growing trend

Advances in technology and the evolution of business practices have led to enormous growth in the eLearning market. More and more, top national and international companies rely on Roxanne’s corporate, medical and multimedia eLearning expertise for their training videos.

Roxanne has voiced eLearning material for Pratt & Whitney Canada, Videotron, Microsoft, Honda, Tag Heuer, Amway, Second Cup, Manulife, Michelin, Monster.ca, Thermador, Windows Live Messenger, Labatt, General Motors, Caterpillar, Microsoft Office 2010, Nobivac Lyme, Johnson & Johnson, Globalstar, Piscine “Radiant Pools”, Medisys, Élexpertise, Fisher Price, Lafarge Canada, Ottawa Public Library, McKesson Canada and many more.

“eLearning is always about telling a story. And telling a story means talking to, not at, the listener.”
– Roxanne Jean

Professional and relatable voice-overs

Is eLearning narration boring? Not at all! eLearning narration is just another way to tell a story. It’s not necessary to sound serious and dour. The crucial point is communicating a message to the audience in an empathetic and accessible way. Roxanne will get your point across every time!

“Voice-overs shouldn’t distract the listener or detract from the message”
– Roxanne Jean

Roxanne Jean is an eLearning Industry member.

Need To Drive Your Message To A French-Speaking Audience?

If you need stellar voice-over talent to promote your business and brand to French-speaking audiences, rely on Roxanne’s reputation and expertise to convey the right message and enhance your brand’s signature sound.