The Voice-Over Show

“Who are you?”, a video series that reveals the magician behind the curtain

For over 25 years, Roxanne Jean has delivered stellar French-Canadian voice-overs in multiples genres and media. But since a voice-over artist like Roxanne Jean generally does her work behind the scenes, she often plays an unsung, unseen role. Roxanne jokes that, while it’s easy to get people to believe she has a passion for narration—she’s a diehard advocate for her profession!—it’s much harder to explain what she does in concrete terms. So, without further ado, the time has come to lift the veil on the mysteries of Roxanne’s little-known profession. It’s a coming-out of sorts: from sound bites in the dark to pixels in living colour! These seven videos show how the magic happens. Step right up and explore the wonderful world of narration and voice-overs. Watch as Roxanne takes on various identities right before your eyes and in living colour!

You can count on Roxanne’s voice-over skills… literally!

Watch what happens when Roxanne drops in on a young girl’s educational game.

Game voice-over

When a friendly voice from beyond gets up close and personal

Check out Roxanne doing her thing at the checkout counter.

Store announcement voice-over

A good book can really sweep a girl off her feet…

Watch as Roxanne really embraces her role as audiobook narrator.

Audiobook narration

Passenger-seat driver

Roxanne as the voice of infinite patience, helping you get where you’re going. Sooner or later…

GPS voice-over

The step-by-step approach is best

Watch Roxanne lounge about while someone else does all the work!

eLearning narration

Raising the alarm

Watch as Roxanne adopts a voice of authority.

Alarm system voice-over

What’s the hold-up?

You’ll be sure to sympathize with the man in this video if you’ve ever been put on hold for 20 minutes…or more!

Voice messaging voice-over

Need To Drive Your Message To A French-Speaking Audience?

If you need stellar voice-over talent to promote your business and brand to French-speaking audiences, rely on Roxanne’s reputation and expertise to convey the right message and enhance your brand’s signature sound.