Toys, Games and Mobile Game Apps

The right voice artist makes make-believe believable

Toys, games and mobile game apps take us back to childhood. And that’s just what Roxanne Jean draws on when she puts her stellar French-Canadian voice-over and acting skills to work in this field.

A professional actor will use a unique vocal style and a surprising amount of creative drive to voice toys, games and mobile game apps. That’s why Roxanne has a passion for this industry! She has what it takes to bring your toys and games to life for the French-Canadian market!

“When I work on game and mobile apps, it brings me back to when I was a kid of about twelve and used to watch The Flinstones, The Woody Woodpecker Show, Scooby-Doo or any of the other great animated TV shows that used to air after school. My eyes were riveted on the small screen; I was completely captivated! I would mute the sound and try to mimic the voices I heard as closely as possible. My mom thought I was good. She was my first and number one fan! Those days were so much fun. I would make mastering a particular voice my goal for a given week and hone it until I had it down pat. Working hard to reproduce famous and unusual voices was a big part of my childhood. It was a normal thing, business as usual, for me.”
– Roxanne Jean

Creating a credible interactive or cinematic experience

Toys, games and mobile game apps have become very complex products; some of them are even works of art. Video games, for example, include orchestral music, well-developed plots and awe-inspiring visual effects. So, a high-quality voice-over is an essential component of a toy or game’s world-building and interactive value! With only isolated script lines to work with, these types of voice-overs can be tricky. All the more reason to enlist the help of the best professional voice-over artists on the market. Conveying character reactions or personalities in a convincing manner and providing context-appropriate narration will ensure that children stay engaged with their favourite toys, gamers stay immersed in their virtual worlds and commuters keep interacting with their mobile apps!

Mix things up by trying a French-Canadian female voice for your game voice-over! Or feel free to check out Roxanne’s team of stellar French-Canadian talent. You’re sure to find a voice that meets your needs!

Need To Drive Your Message To A French-Speaking Audience?

If you need stellar voice-over talent to promote your business and brand to French-speaking audiences, rely on Roxanne’s reputation and expertise to convey the right message and enhance your brand’s signature sound.