Automotive Narration

Voice-overs that get the ball rolling

With years of experience as an expert automotive industry narrator, Roxanne Jean is the stellar French-Canadian voice-over artist you need. Whether you’re in the market for an iconic, high-energy car dealership promotional spot or a sleek, soft-sell luxury vehicle voice-over, her versatile voice will sell your brand.

Automotive narration is a bit of voice-over niche; it calls for a slightly different touch. It’s vital to convey the distinctions between brands, series and markets to drive potential customers to a specific brand or model or point of sale. A great narrator will master everything from a typical booming announcer’s voice to vocal approaches that require advanced acting skills.

Roxanne has extensive experience in handling voice-overs for car manufacturers and dealerships, GPS systems and other related products.

She’s worked with BMW, Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Ford, Audi, GM, Infiniti, Dodge, Mazda, Volkswagen, Subaru and Chevrolet.

“When I’m handed a beautiful script, I get truly inspired.”
– Roxanne Jean

Roxanne’s special, long-term relationship with the automotive industry

A few months after graduating from the CFTR (Collège de formation en télévision et radio) in 1987, Roxanne’s first work with a microphone in hand was as a traffic reporter for a local radio station CKLM in her hometown of Laval, Québec. For two years, she dedicated herself to helping people drive their way home safely.

“I think that, because of the association between traffic and cars, I became the station’s unofficial voice to record all car promos and dealership promos!”
– Roxanne Jean

During her time at the radio station, Roxanne recorded hundreds of automotive promo ads! It was a great training ground to practice the type of narration required for this industry. These experiences eventually led her to become a host and an auto-show narrator at the prestigious “Montreal International Auto Show.”

“I was bursting with pride the day I recorded my first hard-sell 30-second car dealership commercial. I vividly remember how I felt, and, to this day, I still have a passion for recording automotive commercials!”
– Roxanne Jean

Flash-forward two decades and Roxanne is now the top French-Canadian GPS-system voice in the world. Her reputation extends well beyond Canada’s border, since French speakers living in countries across the world choose and trust her voice to guide them to their destination. Let her do the same for you!

Need To Drive Your Message To A French-Speaking Audience?

If you need stellar voice-over talent to promote your business and brand to French-speaking audiences, rely on Roxanne’s reputation and expertise to convey the right message and enhance your brand’s signature sound.